How to keep your braces clean…!

        Braces are those devices which are used to align and straighten teeth. These devices not only correct the position, improve the smile but also keep the mouth healthy and improve speech. If appropriate brushing techniques are not followed, we can develop stains, cavities or infected gums. Plaque and debris collect on the braces and need to be removed

Although a normal toothbrush will work, we must consider an electric or sonic toothbrush designed for cleaning braces, and assure that we are using the right amount of pressure, allowing the brush to rotate completely. This will provide a more successful cleaning and cut down on your time.

Use an interproximal brush with an angulated head and brush that can adapt to your braces. If you choose a regular electric or sonic toothbrush, it can be very difficult to use the brush well enough in your mouth with braces on. If you use a normal toothbrush, you will need to brush your teeth with the bristles angled bi-directionally. All sides of the teeth must be cleaned, so a toothbrush small and flexible enough to move easily around your mouth should be used.

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Different types of braces..!


Lingual braces are those in which the brackets are placed on the inner aspect of your teeth so that they cannot be seen for aesthetic purposes. Their maintenance can be difficult due to their positioning since the brush may not reach well on the inner aspect of your teeth. Since they are technique sensitive and difficult to place, they usually cost more than the traditional metal braces but they are completely worth the cost

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