Patient's Testimonials:-

Dear Dr. Jawale

   When I first cam to see you 14 months ago (which by the way, went so fast) I was so nervous that I dragged my husband along with me for moral support. Within minutes of meeting you and your colleagues I realised that I didn't really need him. You were all so friendly and helpful you really made me feel at ease. You could tell instantly that everyone got along with each other and that your main aim was to help your patient in any way possible.
Now that my treatment is over, I think back to that first day and think to myself, why didn't I ever come to see you all sooner instead of waiting until I was 38 years old.
I used to think that people were looking at my criss crossed teeth when I spoke to them or smiled at them but now I find that I am smiling more often and I don't feel conscious any more, which is a lovely feeling.
I would like to thank everyone at the clinic for what you have achieved, you have no idea how much having straight teeth has boosted my confidence.

Mrs. Kaul

Dear Dr. Jawale

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who helped give me the happy smile I now wear with pride. It really enhanced my confidence and let me be the happy, smiley person I am today. The staff were helpful and friendly so I always felt comfortable whenever I visited. The treatment and advice I received was professional and given with good humour every time.The main thing that I was particularly struck by was the genuine personal response from everyone. I always felt I could talk to all the team without feeling awkward. The attention to detail was reassuring and nothing was too much to ask. So once again I want to thank ever one for making me every bit as gorgeous as I feel today.

Kanchan B.

Dear Dr. Jawale

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Smile N Shine, for all the work and the wonderful success achieved in the correction of my lower teeth. In such a relatively short period of time, and with the attention, consideration and friendliness I have received from everybody, I can only recommend the centre for the highest award given, and assure anyone in need of orthodontic work, of the highest quality of attention and success that the team will achieve. As you can probably guess, I am very happy with all aspects of this experience.

Mrs. Dr. Edakhe


I am writing to thank you all so much for the treatment you have given to me over the past two years. We are absolutely thrilled with the results and neither of them can stop smiling! Not only were they treated with the upmost efficency and care, the staff at your centre were extremely friendly, ensuring that each appointment was a relaxed and cheerful experience. I would certainly recommend anyone considering such dental treatment to arrange to visit your practice. Thanks so much once again.

Aishwarya Gokhte

Dear Dr. Jawale

As a 45 (now 46) year old male, it took me a fair while to finally decide to opt for orthodontic treatment on my teeth. Having decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I've had no regrets whatsoever.
Once the initial fitting had been made, it obviously takes a day or two to get used to it. The main routine I had to get into, was regular cleaning of my teeth after every meal. Believe it or not, having a brace really helps in this, since you actually feel a need to clean straight after eating. It also helped me to get into the habit of using interdental brushes to clean between the teeth , now I wouldn't be without them.
Yes, you will get the occasional comment regarding the brace but 99% were positive responses and you actually feel a little put out if you meet old acquaintances for the first time after fitting and you know he or she have noticed the brace and don't enquire further about it. So proud was I, that I found myself turning conversations around in order that my brace became the topic of conversation.
Now that the brace has been removed, I feel very satisfied with my smile, something I endeavoured to disguise in the past. I can only praise the staff at the Smile N Shine for their continued support throughout my treatment - they always made me feel particularly comfortable and relaxed and visiting them became a pleasure.
I would certainly encourage any other young or older 'mid-lifer' to have this treatment - if you've had the thought and made the first move to enquire further, it's a sure sign that you're in the same position I was. Don't hesitate and have it done, you won't regret it.

Mr. Rushikesh S.